Our Campaigns

Medical technology can improve patients’ lives, reduce healthcare costs, and benefit society.

Key Facts

37.4 million GBP of welfare savings are made each year from patients returning to work with artificial hips.

Our Goal

Increase patient access to the best technology available to improve their outcomes and quality of life.

Uptake of medical technology in the UK is not as good as it should be, given its great potential to provide value for money to the NHS, patients and taxpayers.

The Medical Technology Group (MTG), a coalition of patient groups, research charities and medical device manufacturers, is working to make medical technologies available to everyone who needs them.

The MTG believes that patients and clinicians need better information about medical technologies so that they can make informed choices about their medical care.

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“I can live life to the full again, with no interruptions!”

Having been diagnosed with an underlying heart condition following a routine health check, 40 year old Graham Harper is now protected by a subcutaneous defibrillator (S-ICD) to safeguard him against sudden cardiac arrest.