Members & Management Committee

The Medical Technology Group is a not for profit organisation comprising patient groups, research charities and medical device manufacturers.

Current members are:

Management Committee

The MTG’s Management Committee meets on a regular basis to discuss developments, agree plans and monitor progress.┬áMembers are:


Barbara Harpham, Heart Research UK



Kieran Murphy, Nevro



David Dawson, CR Bard

Ginette Camps-Walsh, FEmISA

Jonathan Evans, ABHI

Joe Gatewood, AdvaMed

Nick Hartstone-Evans, Pumping Marvellous

Keith Jackson, British Cardiac Patients Association

Lesley Jordan, INPUT

Sandra Lawrence, Stryker

Trudie Lobban, Arrhythmia Alliance

Ros Meek, Medtronic

Lance Richard, Insightec

Sharron Tansey, Boston Scientific

Greg Quinn, BC

Wil Woan, Heart Valve Voice

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